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Commercial Services:

Q: Can you provide proof of insurance?
A: Yes we do provide full Business Liability Insurance

Q: Do you use Environmentally-Safe method to wash trucks?
Yes, hydrocarbons are filtered from wash water.

Q: Can you remove gum marks from concrete?
Yes, we use gum dissolver and hot water under pressure.

Q. How often should Awnings be cleaned?
Depending on location, every 6 months is recommended using an Awning cleaner and warm water at low pressure.

Residential Services:

Q: Will mold and dirt be removed without damage to vinyl siding?
A: Yes, we use a low pressure rinse method combined with environmentally safe vinyl or wood cleaners to remove mold and dirt without damaging any surfaces.

Q: Do you use safe cleaning products?
A: Yes, we use only environmentally safe cleaning products that will not harm your bushes or plants.

Q: Can you make my old deck look newer and cleaner?
Decks must be cleaned properly before they are resealed in order for the sealer to protect the wood. Cleaning a mold covered deck will extended the life and improves the appearance of your deck.

Q: How long will my deck’s finish last?
We use two coats of high quality Sherwin Williams stain exclusively. Most decks will last two to three years, some decks stained with a solid color will last 4 to 5 years.

Q: Will you give a free estimate and how much does a house wash cost?
Yes, we always give a free estimate, and cost always depends on the surface size, type and condition. Wood costs more to clean than vinyl because of the surface texture difference. An average vinyl sided cape can cost approximately $250.00 to $300.00 depending on the amount of mold and the extras that need to be cleaned for example a deck or a walkway.